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Course Guides

In the series of guides below, we look at trading zones I have developed for lay & back trading UK & Ireland horse racing markets. Through a series of videos and PDF documents I provide a written description of what I am watching for at various racecourses, and then video examples to highlight it in-play.


This usually includes course traits, critical segments, recovery zones and win-lose situations.


While most novice traders go wrong at the business end of the race, my trade zones exclude that from happening, by highlighting earlier segments of a racecourse where a race is often won or lost. It keeps trading simple and protects my bank. It’s a clear strategy which limits mistakes.


Most people know how to spot lay and back signals, but most don’t know where to watch for them. These trade zones improve with discipline and avoid big losses. They also improve your racecourse knowledge, making you a better all-round trader. When I leapt into sports trading, I certainly would’ve appreciated a guide like this.

In addition to what is available now, I will continue to add new materials throughout the season, which will be exclusively available to people who have purchased the e-guides or are members of my Telegram group.

The guides below are not out of stock, they become available to course subscribers under the members tab.

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